dying to live

dying in dreams of living
living with fear of dying
as the perpetual thump
skips beats over our reality

sueños negados
al peor postor
tantalizing days
obscuring nights
rupturing at the edge of sanity
sin permiso
looking for someone
to make them live
waiting in the corner
stored away from madness
daydreaming about a future
that each day becomes more distante
marinating in hopes
hopes that evaporate
at the sound of paychecks
that barely support living
instead of dying
quietly y sin pena
because its tough to dream
when bellies ache
and eyes are sunk so deep
you lose sight of days
compiling pound after pound
upon a fragile back
waiting for a dream
to become a reality
before the last bone breaks loose
and decides to dance away with truth
parrandeando entre tambores y asopao
arropandose con hojas de esperanza
sin tener que pedir permiso


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