As I sit by you –
among dangling lights,
surrounded by books –
the delicate tone of your voice,
coupled with the plump and soft appearance of your lips,
makes me wish I could touch.

Just once more.

But tangled amidst your broken bones
and my missing guts,
nothing but an ocean flows between us.

I have given up.
Or did I?

I have given up.

I have given up trying to force it.

And questioning if it is best to euthanize fantasies
or rather give in to impulse by jumping in?

Who knows.

All I can think of is how soft they look.
How thirsty I am.
And how broken we seem
below these dimmed lights.



Under different
we would be fighting
verbal concepts
loud and clear
for the other to hear
parading tongues
en boca llena
bearing arms
and lifting hands
grasping hair
the shape of our heads

We would be
intertwining legs
the back of our necks
and inhaling
each scent emanating
from hidden pores

We would look
each other in the eyes
sin pena
penetrating souls
with our stares
the meaning of smiles
and gentle touches

But tonight
we look across the golden skyline
and just take in fresh air
from the precipice
of life

Under different circumstances…

we would jump



En algún lado
Se encuentra mi conciencia
Bailando libremente palos
Bailando en ritmo de caderas mulatas
Con sudor caribe
Mientras fluyen las sonrisas
En algún lado
Mi alma es libre
En algún lado



some people
you just kinda
need around
Share their creative juices
engage in conversation
ask things,
live life
enjoy their presence
simple y llanamente
porque si
sin preguntar

Fresh Air

I need to get out
And breathe
Fill my lungs with fresh air
Stirring the stagnant
Atmosphere that stifles growth
I need to move
Bring action to these rusty joints
Take them for a spin
And make stuff happen
I just need to do it
And every day
I inch closer and closer
To taking the plunge
Out of pure
And fear of remaining complacent
So much so
I want to break free
Like an inmate on solitary confinement
Hoping to escape her demons
Only to realize that there are
No walls
No bars
No sentence
But my own mind and will
No demons
But people
zombies walking about sin rumbo
Swaying like leaves with the current of complacency
Not moving forward
Not moving back
Letting life tiller with their choices
Sin preguntar
And I fear becoming one more leaf
Following the same flow
Destined to the same routine
That kills
But the only thing holding me back
Is me